2005 Refurbishment

In 2005 the building underwent a huge transformation, with a complete reconfiguration of the Worship area, plus the additional of two new rooms, a new vestry and toilet facilities.

The following photographs of the building before the work took place (click to enlarge).

From Celebration & Thanksgiving Programme (2005)

As the Minister of the Methodist Church I invite you to come and share with us in our very special weekend of the 9th and 10th July.

As you will be aware building work is in progress. We are adding two more meeting rooms and a vestry as well as making other changes in the existing Church Premises. This will necessitate us vacating the building in July, August and September. We are very grateful that our Anglican friends have invited us to join with them for worship on Sunday Mornings.

For many, the Methodist Church is a place where they have fond memories, perhaps Weddings, Baptisms and even laying a loved one to rest. Very often we would like everything to stay as we remember it, and it’s not always easy to cope with change. It can be hard to face the reality that in order to accommodate the growing Church, change is inevitable.

But it can also be a time of great Celebration of all that God means to us and that He is still active in the world. He delights in our praise and thanksgiving.

We’d like, therefore, to give everyone the opportunity to come and ‘thank Him for all that is past and Praise Him for all that’s to come’, as the hymns puts it.

Please do join us over the weekend and write your comment in the Book of Memories.

Rev Ruth Farrant
Former Minister
July 2005

The following photographs are from the reopening ceremony (click to enlarge).