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We extend the love of Jesus Christ to you!

We are pleased to be open for Sunday services again and welcome you to join us in worship whenever you are able to - We’d love to see you!

Sunday services continue to be broadcast live
via the Church Facebook page and
made available later each Sunday on the Church You Tube Channel.

We are also running “The Harbour”, including a creche every Sunday. The Harbour is our Sunday morning children's ministry,
as it's a place of safety and fits in with the church's boat logo
and our weeknight group named "Lighthouse".

Our goal as a church is to love as Christ loved and to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ through its variety of worship services, through spiritual development, outreach and mission.

Throughout the recent time of lockdown we have continued to worship and join in fellowship together in a variety of ways and it has been great to share in fellowship with many people who do not usually attend Peasedown St John Methodist Church.

So no matter where you live and no matter what your beliefs are, if you are looking for some support or encouragement during these difficult times, or if you are looking for some understanding of what's happening to us and the world, or if you simply want to connect with other people, you are very welcome here!

September 2021 (Revised 02/09/21)

Open The Book

Open the Book is a Bible Society project which offers Primary School children the opportunity to hear and be part of major Bible stories presented by a team of Christians from local churches.

We, in Peasedown St John, have people from all three churches in our team and every Thursday afternoon we go to Peasedown Primary School to present a Bible story to one half of the school, repeating it for the other half the next week.

We use the Lion Storyteller Bible and follow a handbook which guides us in our presentation. The children respond well and some assist us when we need 'extras' to act. It's a great way of getting Bible stories across to the youngsters.

As a team from all 3 churches in Peasedown, we really appreciate your prayers as we go into the school to bring these Bible stories to life. And if anyone is interested in joining the team (1 hour on a Thursday afternoon - not everyone comes every week), please do let us know.

This was Abraham, Sarah and one of the three messengers getting ready to tell the story 'God's Friends' to the older children at Peasedown Primary School by the Open the Book team a while ago. There was a lot of laughter, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we had a great group of children helping with the acting and the projector.

This completed a story begun a week or so before of Joseph, from his time with his brothers who envied him as he was Jacob's favourite, sold him into slavery, he was then imprisoned and, because God helped him to interpret dreams, he became second in importance to the Pharaoh. Again the children helped by acting as brothers and servants and it went down very well.

Relaunch of the Filling Station

in Peasedown

Starting Wednesday 3rd May, 7.45pm

at The Hive

The Filling Station will be relaunching on Wednesday 3rd May at The Hive. If you’ve not been to a Filling Station before it is a non-denominational mid-week Christian meeting gathering in a building that isn’t a church. These meetings are designed to ‘refuel’ Christians and draw together people who are in smaller, rural settings. Filling Station will be meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, gathering at 7.45pm with the meeting starting at 8pm and finishing between 9.30pm - 10pm.

For more information, please visit https://thefillingstation.org.uk/station/mendip-edge/