Who Are We?

We are a welcoming church where everyone matters, from the youngest to the oldest. We believe that everyone has something to bring that will add colour and creativity to the church family. For PSJ maintaining the ‘status quo’ is not an option, we hunger to respond to God’s love, to be transformed, to grow.

As a church family, we long to become a community of people who not only love and serve Jesus Christ in obedience to His teachings, but are also committed to love and care for each other and to being a blessing to the area in which we live.

We try to be just that. We don't always get it right but we are committed to trying through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that we will do this through

  • Providing Biblical teaching to discern God’s will not only in church but also in house groups

  • Being a Church grounded in prayer, which nurtures spiritual growth and encourages participative, expressive worship. We have a Prayer Ministry team, and we are encouraged to Share prayers at prayer time, in most services now, which is well used by members of the congregation

  • We reach out to the community serving others, with the aim of making a radical difference in PSJ and beyond. We encourage, and support each other with prayer and bible study, which helps to equip us to exercise our faith where we live, work and relax. We are involved in Christians Together with the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, involvement which encourages and strengthens us all as we seek to spread the message of God’s love through the village.

  • We want to build on our work with children & young people, helping them to grow in faith to become confident and responsible, mature Christian adults, and, wherever appropriate, integrating children & young people’s work, like SEEDS, Blaze, and Messy church into church life. Our young teenagers take services under guidance from their leader. We are actively investigating the possibility of employing a Youth and Family worker to support and extend this work soon.

Every Church is concerned about growth, and we are no exception, Growth involves learning to draw closer to God ourselves as well as growing together with all who lift up the name of Jesus.

Growth in these ways requires a commitment of every participant in the life of the church to seek and take every opportunity God gives to share the gospel in word and action and to be open to fresh understanding, experience, and service together.

This means developing the ministry of all believers, discovering, developing, and using the gifts that God has given us, we want to encourage our people to pray more, at home, at work, wherever they may be, so that prayer is a second nature to them, as indeed it is to some already.

We are all part of the body of Christ