From 110th Anniversary Sheet (1984)

On Whit Tuesday 1873 three men marked out the ground for the building of a Methodist Chapel in the small hamlet of Peasedown St John and by the autumn of 1874 Methodism had begun to make its presence felt in the village. From then on we read of a history of growth. Fifteen years later it was necessary to build an extension. In 1909 new acetylene lighting, a new ceiling, a communion rail and a pipe organ were installed. In 1960 the separate Methodist societies became one. In 1962 further extensions were made and most recently, in 1982, the heating system was renovated, the chapel was decorated and the carpet laid in the schoolroom and vestry.

Behind all these fats and figures lies the love and devotion to Christ of many men and women. Each one had contributed towards the growth of the church family. Through their witness others have come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

That work and witness goes on today. The church continues to grow. This may not always show in physical numbers but the growth in fellowship and love is obvious to all who encounter it.

And what of the future? None of us can tell except to be sure that if we strive to serve God in all that we do as a church and as individuals then, our continued growth is assured.

Let us use today to thank God for the past and rededicate ourselves to walking with him in the future.

Peter Davis
Former Minister