Open The Book

Open the Book is a Bible Society project which offers Primary School children the opportunity to hear and be part of major Bible stories presented by a team of Christians from local churches.

We, in Peasedown St John, have people from all three churches in our team and every Thursday afternoon we go to Peasedown Primary School to present a Bible story to one half of the school, repeating it for the other half the next week.

We use the Lion Storyteller Bible and follow a handbook which guides us in our presentation. The children respond well and some assist us when we need 'extras' to act. It's a great way of getting Bible stories across to the youngsters.

As a team from all 3 churches in Peasedown, we really appreciate your prayers as we go into the school to bring these Bible stories to life. And if anyone is interested in joining the team (1 hour on a Thursday afternoon - not everyone comes every week), please do let us know.

This was Abraham, Sarah and one of the three messengers getting ready to tell the story 'God's Friends' to the older children at Peasedown Primary School by the Open the Book team a while ago. There was a lot of laughter, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and we had a great group of children helping with the acting and the projector.

This completed a story begun a week or so before of Joseph, from his time with his brothers who envied him as he was Jacob's favourite, sold him into slavery, he was then imprisoned and, because God helped him to interpret dreams, he became second in importance to the Pharaoh. Again the children helped by acting as brothers and servants and it went down very well.