Cycling Club/Fit4Free

Need to get fit or fancy some exercise to stay fit? 

Then why not come along and join us on Friday night? 

For more details contact Jill Souter on 01761 439956.

Cycling (April - September)

During the summer months we take to our bikes to explore the fabulous countryside and cycle tracks around Peasedown St John. Join us Fridays at 6:15pm at Church for about an hour's cycle - hopefully the distances will get longer as we get fitter! Anyone is welcome, but you will need to be able to cycle about 5 miles - if the hill is too steep, we'll be walking up it. We're fair weather cyclists though - if it's raining, we won't go!

Fit4Free (October - March)

As the nights get shorter we take the exercise indoors for a few months. Join us Fridays at 6:15pm at Church for an hour's workout.